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Similar ART Outcomes of Adolescents, Children and Adults: a Cohort Study from 9 African Countries (MOPE052)

Community ART groups support ART access and retention among HIV-positive dependent children in rural Tete, Mozambique (WEPE720)

Mozambique has decentralised HIV services for children, but not all health centres dispense ART and many have limited health care workers. Distances, lack of information, poverty, stigma and unavailability of…

Starting ART Early: Progress and Lessons from Zimbabwe’s Largest Child Cohort (MOPE195)

Mortality without Anti Retroviral Therapy (ART) is very high before the age of 2. In Zimbabwe early ART initiation has been supported since 2008 through Early Infant Diagnosis (EID) within…

Sustaining quality while scaling up adolescent ART; findings from Zimbabwe’s largest adolescent cohort (WEAE04)