My Life with HIV: Charles Sako


The full, busy and vibrant lives you’ll see portrayed here are the living proof of the benefits HIV treatment has brought to individuals, their families and wider communities.

I Would Like To Be The Voice Of The Voiceless


Meet Mqondisi, the youngest member of our team at the International AIDS Conference this week. He’s an HIV patient from Zimbabwe who came to DC to share his experiences and talk about the challenges that adolescents with the virus face.

Day One at the 2012 International AIDS Conference


We’re kicking off the 2012 International AIDS Conference with a satellite session presenting promising initiatives that could facilitate the development of affordable medical tools adapted to the needs of patients in resource-limited settings.

Three Unique Things About the 2012 International AIDS Conference

MSF at AIDS2012

It’s the first time in 20+ years the International AIDS Conference is in the US, because the entry ban for non-US citizens with HIV was only recently lifted.

Stay Tuned: We’re Headed to the International AIDS Conference


The International AIDS Conference (IAC) is the world’s most attended conference on HIV and AIDS. We will be there highlighting the models of care, tools, and policies necessary to get the best treatment to the most people.