Closing Thoughts: We Need to Speed Up Scale-up

MSF at AIDS2012

Every day, we need to be putting more people on treatment than the day before.

My Life With HIV: Ivone

Brendan Bannon

Ivonne is a mother looking after four kids and a husband, in a village in northern Mozambique. Baking is the way she has chosen to push the family fortunes forward. “Don’t be afraid if you have HIV. We are all brothers and sisters together.”

Protest March at the International AIDS Conference


MSF joined thousands of protesters at the International AIDS Conference in Washington DC, calling for governments and pharmaceutical companies to halt policies and practices that hamper access to medicines.d

Global Fund Protest at the International AIDS Conference


AIDS activists, including MSF, took over a panel discussion on the future of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB, and Malaria at the International AIDS Conference.

How Does Evergreening Restrict Access to Medicines?


The U.S. wants to make it easier to patent minor modifications of old medicines, regardless of whether they offer any therapeutic efficacy for patients.

HIV/AIDS in Democratic Republic of Congo

Centre Hospitalier Kabinda (Bureau SIDA- MSF Kinshasa)

The number of HIV-positive people in DRC is currently estimated at more than one million, but the country only has a 15 percent ARV coverage rate

My Live With HIV: Carmen

Brendan Bannon

Carmen Jose-Panti is HIV-positive. Her husband, Victorino, is HIV-negative. “She’s a part of me,” says Victorino, who loves his wife deeply and encouraged her to get tested for HIV when she started to show symptoms.

What is Viral Load Monitoring and Why Does It Matter?


Viral load monitoring tests the effectiveness of a patient’s HIV treatment. It encourages and reinforces a patient’s adherence to treatment, and is a critical component to making treatment as prevention successful.

Treatment is Prevention


You’ll hear us use the phrase “treatment is prevention” often this week at the International AIDS Conference, so we thought we would explain what that means.

My Life With HIV: Veena

Subodh Pakhare

Veena Panchal is a mother in Mumbai who found out in 2002 that she was HIV positive. She is one of eight million people whose lives have been transformed by HIV/AIDS treatment.